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Bad Moon Comics and Games

Bad Moon Comics and Games

Last fall, Joseph Bourassa faced a significant career and life transition. Downsized from their position in the oil fields, they soon discovered that they were expecting a child with his partner Destiny Rayko. This moment

ous change presented a perfect opportunity to shift careers and pursue a long-held passion: opening a comics and games store in a community that had never had one.

The journey began with a family member's suggestion to reach out to Community Futures Lac La Biche (CFLLB). Another relative had successfully utilized CFLLB's services in the past, which inspired confidence. Initially, Joseph attempted to secure funding through a bank. However, without a job and with only severance money on hand, it wasn't enough to start the business independently.

Working with CFLLB proved to be a straightforward and efficient process. Setting up the initial meeting, filling out the necessary paperwork, and attending a few follow-up meetings quickly led to securing the funds needed to move forward. Having already prepared business plans and forms for the bank, Joseph found the transition to CFLLB relatively seamless, requiring only minor adjustments.

The period between submitting paperwork and obtaining the necessary licenses, insurance, and permits posed a significant challenge. Joseph encountered delays of almost a month due to waiting on various organizations to process their requests. This experience underscored the importance of early planning and proactive communication with all parties involved in the business setup process.

Driven by a deep passion for comics and games, Joseph aimed to create a unique space for the community. The vision was to offer products and services that had been unavailable in Lac La Biche County, catering to a diverse group of enthusiasts and hobbyists. This passion fueled their determination to overcome the initial hurdles and bring their dream to life.

Although CFLLB offered additional services, Joseph has yet to utilize them but recognizes their potential value for future business growth. Since officially opening on April 1st, Bad Moon Comics and Games has employed two people and is already receiving resumes from potential staff members. The store attracts a wide range of clients with various interests in comics and games, reflecting the community's diverse hobbies.

Looking ahead, Joseph envisions expanding Bad Moon Comics and Games into a larger facility. This expansion would accommodate gaming tables and a broader range of products, enhancing the store's appeal and service offerings. With new products arriving weekly, the store's selection continues to evolve based on customer interests and feedback. Additionally, Bad Moon Comics and Games actively engages with the community through its Facebook page, fostering a strong connection with its clientele.

Bad Moon Comics and Games stands as a testament to the power of passion and community support. With the help of CFLLB, Joseph transformed a challenging situation into a thriving business that brings joy and entertainment to Lac La Biche County. As the store continues to grow and serve the local community, its future looks incredibly promising.

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10106-102 Avenue
Box 2188
Lac La Biche, AB  T0A 2C0
P: 780-623-2662


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Atmore, Avenir, Barnegat, Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Behan, Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement, Briereville, Caslan, Craigend, Fork Lake, St. Lina, Grassland, Heart Lake First Nation, Helina, Hylo, Imperial Mills, Kikino Metis Settlement, Lac La Biche, Margie, Normandeau, Noral, Owl River, Pelican Portage, Philomena, Pitlochrie, Plamondon, Rich Lake, Tweedie, Venice, Wandering River.